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Welcome to Learn!

Welcome to, we’re glad you stopped by!  If you’ve been wondering how to learn Sinhala, want to practice Sinhala vocabulary or find Sinhala resources then you’ve come to the right place!  We’ll direct you to the best Sinhala apps, books and Sinhala classes that are available!

Sri Lanka is quickly becoming a major tourist destination, with its beautiful beaches and amazing scenery.  Whether its for a holiday or to better converse with friends and family, we’re glad you’ve stopped by  Our goal is to help you learn Sinhala vocabulary and language quickly and with the best tools available!



how to learn sinhala appImprove your Sinhalese with these apps and programs!  Are you interested in learning Sinhala fast?  Want to hear how a native speaker speaks Sinhalese?  These Sinhala apps for your iPhone or iPad and Sinhala programs for your PC or Mac will help you get a good grasp of basic Sinhala vocabulary!  Find them here.



learn sinhala books Determined to learn Sinhala?  There are many books out there that can help you learn how to speak Sinhala, or that claim to help you teach yourself Sinhala.  If you can’t find a class to go to, perhaps one of these Sinhala course books can help you pick up Sinhalese vocabulary and help you write and speak Sinhala.



learn sinhala books Get all kind of resources, Sinhala books and resources about Sri Lanka on eBay!  There’s a ton of stuff out there for great prices that will help you learn the language and culture of Sri Lanka.



learn sinhala classFind a Sinhala class near you and learn to speak Sinhala like a pro!  If you really want to learn Sinhala one of the best ways is to get involved in a Sinhala class. Check out Sinhala classes in Sri Lanka and around the world on our Classes page.
* See this post for 2015 Sinhala classes in Colombo *



learn sinhala flashcardsLooking for Sinhala flashcards to help you study Sinhala and learn how to speak Sinhala?
Below is a list of some of the most helpful Sinhala Flashcards we’ve found.  Some of these Sinhala flashcards can be printed out, others can be used on your computer or iPhone!  Check them out here!



learn sinhala video classWant to know how to speak sinhala? We have collected a number of videos to help you learn Sinhala online.  Struggling with boring books that try to teach you Sinhala?  Why not relax and watch a few of these Sinhala instruction videos?  They will help you learn Sinhala grammar, grasp sinhala vocabulary and help you speak Sinhala with proper pronounciation and accents!




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  1. Ray says:

    I am sorry to bother you but I was using your site and noticed that one of your links is broken. It is the link to the FSI language courses you have on:

    That old site seems to be gone but, but I found another copy of the same free material on this page:

    If you want to keep the link on the site you may want to change it to the new location so that future visitors to the page can get access. They also have another Sinhala ebook at from the U.S. Peace corps if you are interested in adding more free stuff to your site ( I hope this helps.

    Happy holidays!

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